Break free from the constraints of traditional management methods!

Imagine waking up every day, feeling the relentless weight of type 2 diabetes management on your shoulders. You follow every prescription, every piece of dietary advice, exert yourself in exercise, yet the numbers on the monitor remain stubbornly high. The frustration mounts, fear creeps in at night as you wonder,

"How long before diabetes takes more from me than I can afford to lose?

You're not alone

Introducing The Diabetes Shift: A New Dawn in Diabetes Management

For ambitious professionals, dedicated family caretakers, and active retirees, managing type 2 diabetes shouldn't mean sacrificing the life you love. The Diabetes Shift is here to change the trajectory of your health and life, having already helped hundreds of individuals reverse their type 2 diabetes and embrace a future filled with health and vitality.

Personalized, Holistic Strategies Tailored to You

At The Diabetes Shift, we understand the unique challenges you face. That's why we've developed a revolutionary approach that focuses on you—the individual. Our proprietary method, the Shift, Specify, Shape approach, delves deep into the root causes of your diabetes, offering personalized solutions that go beyond conventional treatments.

A Journey of Transformation Awaits

Your journey with The Diabetes Shift begins with acknowledging that the conventional approach isn't working. It's time for a change—a shift towards a future where diabetes doesn't dictate your life. Our program is designed to empower you, whether you're striving to excel in your career without health hindrances, balance your health with family responsibilities, or enjoy your retirement to the fullest.

Book A Strategy Assessment

Book A Strategy Assessment

The Diabetes SHIFT System

The Diabetes Shift System is for Type 2 Diabetics who want personalized support to help reverse their conditions without the use of more medications or trendy diets.

This is a personalized and customized functional medicine system

that can help Type 2 Diabetics:

  • LOWER and STABILIZE Blood Sugar. **

  • Reduce Their Prescription Medication ...INCLUDING INSULIN. **

  • FINALLY LOSE WEIGHT without exercise. **

  • DECREASE RISK FACTORS for diabetic complications. **

  • AND MOST IMPORTANTLY : How Type 2 Diabetics are able to put their condition into REMISSION. *

  • Physician Developed and Supervised to guide you through a custom constructed treatment plan, supervise a safe reduction of medications, and oversee your progress.

  • Individualized and Customized Programming as each patient is comprehensively evaluated to help create the correct treatment plan.

  • Personalized Dietary Guidance & Health Coaching through your personalized nutrition platform to meet your personalized nutrition needs.

  • Digital Resources On-Demand available on your online platform to help you meet your goals and personal needs.

  • Dr. Joshua Bletzinger, DC is a leading functional medicine practitioner in the Chicago area.

  • After watching his father lose his battle with type 2 diabetes, Dr. Josh made it his mission to prevent others from experiencing the same health conditions. He set out to create a clinic that can help people reverse their conditions and take charge of their health.

  • Dr. Josh creates customized and individualized care plans that 1) arrest the progression of chronic health challenges, 2) enables the body to heal itself and 3) teaches the individual how to navigate a lifetime of vitalistic health.

  • Dr. Josh has extensive postdoctoral training in functional medicine, functional endocrinology, and clinical nutrition. He continues to pursue an exhaustive education in the care of chronic health challenges.

How Have We Done?

"Dr. Bletzinger is a bright, compassionate & caring practitioner of functional medicine. He focuses his knowledge on understanding what causes Type 2 Diabetes and offers a path to reversing this epidemic disease and stop the needless suffering and inevitable decline in health that come with it."

Dr. Gerry Helwig DC

"I don’t pretend to understand the body chemistry at work here and frankly I am more interested in the results and less concerned about how it happened. I was skeptical in the beginning, but as time marched on I believed that I found a program and a provider who really understand the mechanics of my body and worked with me to improve my life."

Jeff W.

"I’ve lost 18 pounds, I have tons of energy, I feel good every day. My A1C is 5.6 so bye bye diabetes I'm done with you!"

Joanie B.

"Coming to Dr. Josh’s seminar and following his program, I've lost weight and kept it off... And doing everything as expected and keeping my eye on the goal… to eventually be off Metformin! That looks like it’ll be in the next 6 months. Great program and great people to work with."

Mark O.


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** (JAMA 2012 Dec 19; 308 (23): 2459-96)

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